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Only Your Grace


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This original song, written by our parents, Nicholas Hung & Grace Lim, is a pertinent reminder that without God’s grace we cannot do or be anything of meaning or value. We are products of God’s grace and we live and do all that we do for the glory of His Name. We are fully dependent upon His grace and goodness that is revealed and poured out in our lives.


Only Your Grace

Your favour flowing unceasingly
This living stream, overwhelming me
Your grace
Only Your grace

The sweetest gift I have ever known
So undeserved, yet I’ve been made whole
Your grace
Only Your grace

Only Your grace
All by Your grace
All I am, exceedingly blessed
Enthroned in glory
Royally dressed
Only Your grace
All by Your grace
Raised to life, and given new sight
Forever grateful
Overflowing with breakthrough
All by Your grace

My soul finds rest in this perfect peace
I breathe again, I have been released
Your grace
Only Your grace

​My sin erased, I have been made new
In Christ alone, now I’m pure as pure
Your grace
Only Your grace

All I am
All I’ll ever be
Yours is the glory
Lord my King

All I want
All I’ll ever need
In You I’ve been found
All by grace I’ll abound


Nicholas Hung & Grace Lim

Performing Artist(s)

Creative Trio, Nicholas Hung & Grace Lim

Release Date

15 September 2021

Copyright Information

© 2021 Antioch Music Publishing
Admin by Antioch Music Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

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