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About Creative Trio

We're three siblings who love Jesus and enjoy consuming and creating content that engages, encourages and inspires.

The Creative Trio was birthed in early 2020 from a passion to worship God and be a blessing for others during the COVID-19 global lockdown. All our music is recorded and produced in-house with the purpose of simply giving glory to God, being a blessing for others, learning new skills, having fun and sharing some good stuff with the world!

We hope that you’ll have lots of fun checking out the stuff we’ve made. We really appreciate your follows, hearts and likes and we’re really excited to read all your comments.

Our Family
Dad, mum and the three of us. It's such a blessing to serve God together as a family and we're so grateful for every opportunity He gives us together.

The Trio

We're siblings. We're great friends. We're colleagues. We're a team.

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