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Happy Birthday (It's Your Special Day)


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Happy Birthday everybody! Everyone gets to celebrate their special day at least once a year, and there are generally plenty of other times throughout the year where we're celebrating someone else's special day. Here's Creative Trio's birthday wishes, wrapped up in a 3 minute song package that we hope you can use along with your social media posts and other shares to make someone's birthday just that little bit more special!


Happy Birthday (It's Your Special Day)

Woah, yeah, woohoo
Happy Birthday
Yeah Happy Birthday
Come on, let’s go

Happy Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday just for you
Today’s your day, your special day
May it be blessed in every way

Looking back to the past behind (To the past behind)
Thankful for all the joys (Joy joy joy joy joy)
Looking forward to greater days ahead
There’s so much more in store

My special friend, we’re believing with you
The next 3-6-5 (3-6-5)
They’re gonna be the best days of your life (Ooh oh oh)
Yeah, simply divine


Oh how fast the seasons come and go
Hey look, one more candle to blow

Woah yeah

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday for you (For you)

Happy Birthday (Oh)
Happy Birthday (Oh yeah)
Happy Birthday just for you

Happy Birthday (Happy)
Happy Birthday (Happy)
Happy Birthday for you

Happy Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday just for you

Now whether you’re turnin’ one
Or a hundred and five
Put on a great big smile
Samba, quickstep, jive (Hey)
T’will be chiming twelve before you know
So let’s get (Hey) things movin’, go roll the show
It’s your day, max it away (Hey hey hey hey)

Yeah, Happy Birthday to you, dear friend
This party’s just to celebrate you
You are awesome in your own awesome way
There’s no-one in this world like you
Oh we’d write down these words on a birthday card
But for now this song’ll have to do
What we’re really really wanting to say is this
Happy happy birthday to you!

Happy Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday just for you
Happy Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday just for you

Happy Birthday friend
Have an awesome day
And a super blessed year ahead
We all wanna say
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you


Nicholas Hung

Performing Artist(s)

Creative Trio, Nicholas Hung & Grace Lim

Release Date

24 March 2023

Song Duration


Copyright Information

℗ 2023 Antioch Music Publishing
Admin by Antioch Music Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

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