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Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (The Tomb Is Empty) was recorded as part of Creative Trio's Redeemed EP, released for Easter 2022. This well known Christian hymn, originally written by Charles Wesley declares the wonders of and brings glory and adoration to the Father for the resurrection of His Son, Jesus. For this recording we joined with the Antioch Creative team, who provided the vocal backings.



Christ the Lord is risen today Alleluia
Sons of men and angels say Alleluia
Raise your joys and triumphs high Alleluia
Sing ye heavens and earth reply Alleluia

Lives again our glorious King Alleluia
Where O death is now thy sting Alleluia
Dying once He all doth save Alleluia
Where thy victory O grave Alleluia

The tomb is empty; He’s risen (He is risen)
Yes Jesus lives
Our Christ, our Lord and King
Has conquered hell and death (Conquered hell and death)
Now because He lives (Because He lives)
All the powers of darkness overthrown
Through His cleansing blood (Cleansing blood)
We have been made free indeed

Love's redeeming work is done Alleluia
Fought the fight the battle won Alleluia
Death in vain forbids Him rise Alleluia
Christ hath opened paradise Alleluia

Jesus is alive
He lives, He lives, He lives

Soar we now where Christ has led Alleluia
Following our exalted Head Alleluia
Made like Him like Him we rise Alleluia
Ours the cross the grave the skies Alleluia

The Father’s love for us, through Christ hath been revealed
Living, dying, raised to life again

Jesus is alive
Jesus is alive
Jesus is alive
He is alive

Christ, our assurance there is nothing that could e’er
Separate us from His great great love eternally

Jesus is alive
Jesus is alive
Jesus is alive
Woah, He is alive

Vain the stone the watch the seal Hallelujah
Christ hath burst the gates of hell Hallelujah
Death in vain forbids His rise Hallelujah
Christ hath opened paradise Hallelujah
Jesus is alive (Hallelujah)
Jesus is alive
Jesus is alive


Charles Wesley
Additional Lyrics by Nicholas Hung

Performing Artist(s)

Creative Trio, Nicholas Hung & Grace Lim, Antioch Creative

Release Date

26 March 2022

Song Duration


Copyright Information

© 2022 Antioch Music Publishing
Admin by Antioch Music Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

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